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My email address is

Secure communication

For secure communication with me, my gpg key fingerprint is:

pub   4096R/8BE18069 2016-01-21 [expires: 2018-12-04]
      Key fingerprint = E5F9 531C 7833 2915 A9D5  C1F1 E412 596E 8BE1 8069
uid                  Anthony Doggett <>
sub   4096R/E6603C24 2016-01-21 [expires: 2018-12-04]
sub   4096R/BF1AE6FE 2016-01-30 [expires: 2018-12-04]

The key itself may be fetched from the keyserver (and many others).

Miscellaneous Notes

The majority of this site is dedicated to MCM but I am also writing a few miscellaneous notes.