Configuring Vim

Here's how I configure Vim:


import MCM.FilePruning as FilePruning

define vim(home)
	Dir manage> partial path> @home/.vim/view
	File path> @home/.vimrc
	File content>$rawfile(gvimrc) path> @home/.gvimrc
	File content>$rawfile(filetype.vim) path> @home/.vim/filetype.vim
	File content>$rawfile(mcm.vim) path> @home/.vim/syntax/mcm.vim
	File content>$rawfile(todo.vim) path> @home/.vim/syntax/todo.vim
	FilePruning.expireFilesOlderThan days> 30 path> @home/.vim/view

I use Vim's mkview and loadview commands, so my ~/.vim/view directories fill up pretty quickly. The FilePruning.expireFilesOlderThan deletes the view files that are over 30 days old.